With a history stretching back over 45 years, Matthews International are a well-established, much respected, family owned company. From our Norfolk headquarters in the UK, we deliver a variety of high quality services to our clients.

Way back in 1971 when Trevor Matthews set-up the company, there were two main areas of business - delivering our own refrigerated trailers loaded with smoked fish to Italy and Greece, and also collecting unaccompanied trailers arriving at the port from Holland for delivery throughout the UK.

Over the next few decades, continued investment in these core businesses enabled us to diversify into a number of different areas as we adapted to the varying needs of our thriving customer base, and we attracted more business along the way as our expertise and reputation grew.

Our Mission is:

  • Always ensuring we are our customers' automatic first choice by leveraging our unbeatable, industry-leading support and Customer Service to meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Adopting a "Can-do" attitude to foster a culture where quick, adaptable solutions and support are always forthcoming 24/7.
  • Committing ourselves fully to the task of ensuring all deliveries and collections are completed on-time and securely.