TAPA TSR Level 1

We are extremely proud to have achieved TAPA TSR Level 1

This covers operational security, specifically for transporting products via road within a supply chain from UK and the routes/end destinations to Western Europe. This means we're part with of an internationally recognised organisation leading the fight again cargo crime. This covers everything from high value targeted theft, theft of electronics, pharmaceuticals and other crime which costs the US billions of dollars in lost revenue. We're very proud to be officially recognised as part of this organisation.

This organisations efforts have already had a major impact on cargo crime and we're glad to be helping these efforts.

  • Major freight handlers are joining TAPA or employing TAPA-recognized security standards for facility certification as well as for freight care and handling
  • TAPA has become a worldwide benchmark for security handling guidelines and practices
  • Businesses insurers are asking prospective customers about their security practices, and specifically whether they hold TAPA certification
  • Government agencies include TAPA-endorsed standards in their development of homeland security initiatives